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Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

 My first question is… are you using products that are cruelty free?  I am committing today to make sure that all my future cosmetic and body care purchases  Cruelty Free.  Over the years I  read something and really think about it then I check what I have and what I am  buying   then… 3 months pass and I forget.  I see that email come across from my FAVORITE designer company (not going to name it but they are known for quilted purses and a double c).  I have used their makeup for years.   I don’t even think about it and order it up!   Didn’t even think to check on animal testing!!!  Why as an animal lover (and a non-meat eater) do I not care or  pay attention to the fact animals die for my products!  SHAME ON ME….

Time to do some research… quit burying my head in the sand and tell the story that needs to be told… and speak for those little critters who can’t speak for themselves!

So do you think that Animal Testing is still a problem? I guess in my mind I haven’t  heard about it in a long time so the problem must be fixed right?  I don’t even know how to  check if something is cruelty free….. lets look and see!


Animal testing is still a problem today.. According to Cruelty Free International  ( cruetltyfreeinternational.org )  Over 115 MILLION animal are being used for animal testing!!!!  We have a lot of different alternatives now to animal testing… but some companies still CHOOSE to test on animals. Some countries have put major regulations on animal testing so those companies that still CHOSE to do so avoid those markets.

There are a lot of different symbols but only a few are true cruelty free.  I guess like all industries there are a lot of “fakes”.  Organic can have a different meaning than certified organic so I guess one bunny picture is probably not the same as the next… 

 follow this link for a product search on cruelty free products:  


A few facts for  you to ponder:

-Over 400,000 animals a year are used for botox testing.. yes this is sometimes used for headaches but mostly for wrinkle correction.. all those poor animals die for a wrinkle!

-8.3 million people signed a petition for cruelty free cosmetics on World Animal Day 2018.. .this petition was presented to the UN as an important step to eliminating animal testing!

-California became the first state in the US to ban animal testing products to be sold in their state starting 2020!

-The Body Shop is a great company to support as their products and the company is against animal testing and has been vocal in ending it!


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