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"The Pack"

Show them how much you really love then every month with their very own pack of goodies tailored just for them! 


How It Works

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We Pack and Deliver

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Let the pampering begin!

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What’s inside
"The Pack"

No matter what type of “The Pack” you choose, we will customize it for you and your pups.  We will reach out to you after you checkout with additional questions about your dog to help in the tailoring process.  If you just want it to be a surprise each month and don’t need it customized we will just send you a fabulous pack every month! 
Depending on which “The Pack” you choose, each month will include a mix of the following:  Toys, Treats, Chews, Clothes, Accessories, Grooming Items, Novelty Gifts and more!  We only use treats and bones that are made in the USA.  We won’t give your dogs something we wouldn’t feed our own! Everyday is perfectly safe and perfect for your dog!

Frequently Asked Questions

Every box is different depending on the level you select.  “The
Pack”will include treats, toys, chews, novelty or seasonal items, accessories, clothing, and grooming supplies to name a few.  

The box’s will ship every month on within 3-5 days of payment  

The credit card will get billed  every 30 days automatically

If the customization box is checked we will follow up with you via email or telephone to get to know you and your dogs.  We will then tailor the box to what you are looking for (not as many treats, no chews, love pink, heavy chewers, plus size appropriate to name a few).

If you decide you don’t want it tailored to your pup just leave it up to us to find the right items for your “pack”.

Just update us via email and we will update your account.

Go into your account and cancel any time or send us a email to


We choose only USA made treats (nothing from china) and the chews we send are also made in the USA.  We don’t give your dogs something we would not give our own.

The boxes will come via USPS

Yes we can send international for additional shipping.  Contact us at for more information

All food toys and treat items are non-refundable due to strict health regulations.  Clothes and accessories can be exchanged for a different size.

Personal Shopper (woman and pup shopping)

Need Extra Help? 

Chat with our Pack Leader and Personal Shopper for any questions and concerns
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