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Birthday Celebrations for our Dogs?

Celebration for dogs on their birthday?  Really who would ever do that?  we do and i bet you do too!

As animal lovers our dogs and cats are not just pets they are family.   we decorate the house and make doggie treats.  (see the picture below) we even sing them happy birthday and make a fun picture video.  

We are in the process of starting a doggie birthday club that we will feature your dogs on social media and you get a special discount that month.  more to come soon on this 🙂

 I would love to hear in the comments below what you do for your fur babies.  submit photos  for me to post and share (send to contest@doggiecoutureshop.com)

Piper is cheris little yorkie.  She is the baby of the dogs ( i have a cat younger).  She just turned 2 and we were in key west for her birthday (and her moms).  Their birthdays are only a few days apart.  Piper and Lexi (moms dog below) are half sisters. 
We have actually done them for all of our dogs (and yes we have a few…quite a few).   you can see them on our you tube channel click below.

here are some pictures of some of the parties we have had in the past few years.  

birthday decorations
birthday decorations
Lexi 1st Birthday
chicos birthday party
chicos birthday party
Cookies Birthday
Lucy's Birthday
Chico  (above) is mine (or was he just passed away a couple weeks ago) .   I will write more about this beautiful baby when it gets easier to think about him being gone.
 Lucy and cookie on the left are also mine.  Their birthdays are in december and 1 day  but 2 years apart.  We celebrate theirs together!
 LExi (below) is my moms dog and she is also a yorkie.  her and piper are half sisters.  she has had lexi now for 2 years but this was her first one with us. 
Hope is on the bottom and she is mine too.    we made hers up since we don’t know much about her so we made her birthday the day we brought her to her fur-ever home. 
Lexi's Birthday
Lexi's Birthday
Hopes Birthday
Hopes Birthday
Louie's Birthday
Louie's Birthday
Louie is cheri’s dog and he is 10 now.  he is a yorkie poo.
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