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Cindi and Cyrus in San Antonio River Walk

About Us at Paws with Fashion

Welcome to PawswithFashion.com – Where Style Meets Safety and Comfort

PawswithFashion is Your Trusted Online Pet Boutique. 

Join us at PawswithFashion.com, formerly known as Doggie Couture Shop, a family-owned business based in Colorado. For over 15 years, we’ve been the premier destination for pet owners who seek the best for their furry friends. Our passion for pets, whom we affectionately call “the herd,” drives everything we do. We’re not just a store; we’re pet lovers who enjoy road trips with our pets and embrace the joy they bring to our lives daily.–

Luxury Pet Essentials for Every Style at PawswithFashion

At PawswithFashion, we specialize in offering a luxurious assortment of pet products that combine style, safety, and comfort. From exquisite pet beds and stylish carriers to fashionable dog clothes, our selection caters to both small and large breeds. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality collars, harnesses, and leashes that ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. Our products are sourced from boutique brands known for their chic and unique designs, offering a level of exclusivity you won’t find in mainstream outlets.



PawswithFashion Exclusive Designs for Discerning Pet Owners

What sets us apart from the rest? Our commitment to quality and exclusivity. Our designers carefully craft each item in limited quantities, ensuring that your pet enjoys unique products that reflect the latest trends in pet fashion. At PawswithFashion, we believe that pets are cherished family members who deserve the very best. That’s why we offer products that are not only stylish but also enhance the well-being and comfort of your pets.

Join Our Community of Pet Lovers at PawswithFashion

Experience the difference with PawswithFashion, where every product is selected with love and every customer is part of the family. We will always do our best customer service to ensure the happiness of our furry customers.  Celebrate the love and companionship of your pets with us. Shop now and treat your pet to the ultimate in style, safety, and comfort.

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Meet the team behind pawswithfashion: Owners and "The Herd"

Owners: Cindi Feit Clark and Cyrus Feit-Clark

At Pawswithfashion  we are a mom/son business–  Cindi Feit Clark and Cyrus Clark.  Our commitment to ensuring you have the best pet experience possible drives everything we do. And we’re not just here to run the store – we’re here to connect with you. Join us in our blogs, vlogs on our YouTube channel, and on Instagram to get to know us better. Cyrus also shares a glimpse of his life beyond the store on @srtcyrus. 

Feel Free to contact us at cyrus@pawswithfashion or cindi@pawswithfashion.com

The Herd: Our Beloved Companions

Maggie – The Resilient Kitty

Maggie’s journey began on her dad’s farm 12 years ago when she faced a near-tragic encounter with a hawk that left her with broken bones. But she’s a feisty cat who lives life without regret, proving that adversity can’t hold her back.

Cookie – The Playful Retirement Expert

Cookie, our 12-year-old bundle of energy, may be the craziest dog you’ve ever met. He loves running and “talking” to the neighbor’s dog before settling in for a long nap – a well-deserved retirement, according to Cyrus.

Lucy – The Shelter Sweetheart

Lucy, a 10-year-old lab mix, found her forever home after a fateful visit to a local shelter. A simple walk led to a lifelong companionship, making her an integral part of our family.

Hope – The Saved Soul

Hope’s story is one of rescue and redemption. Saved from euthanasia in Kansas, she’s now a cherished member of our family, a black chihuahua with a heart full of kindness.

Rowdy – The Allergic Cuddlebug-RIP Little one 12/28/23–we miss you 

Rowdy, the adorable black cat, suffers from severe allergies, but nothing can dampen his spirits. With lots of love and kisses, we help him through his itchy days.

Tango – The Fearful Explorer

Tango, a Pug Chihuahua mix, joined us from the Aurora Humane Society. Though he may have had a tough past, he’s now a part of our road trip adventures, loving family, and “Tango Truck” rides.

Mo – The Motion Detector

Meet Mo, a black cat with a peculiar name earned from setting off motion detectors. Originally a visitor to our yard, he’s now fully indoors and spoiled, thanks to a loving new home.

Cali-caliente and full of spice

Meet our newest addition…a dazzling little female grey striped dynamo.  rescued from houston this little tiger conquered illness with as much fire as her name.  she’s a hissing spitting, playful sensation making her a perfect addition to the sizzling “herd”

We hope introducing our team and “The Herd” gives you a glimpse into the love and care we bring to every product we offer at Pawswithfashion. We’re not just a pet store; we’re a family dedicated to making the lives of pets and their owners more enjoyable and stylish.

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