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Too Hot? What is Too Hot?

We have all been there and we have all seen it.  A dog in the car on a really hot day.  A small crack in the window and a hot panting dog.  What can you do?  What did you do? When is it too hot to take them?

Cheri (the other owner of doggie couture shop) was at the grocery store.  It was 90+ outside and she is walking in to shop.  A dog is in the car next to her panting like crazy.  A small crack in the window.  Really.. like that helps.  Have you been in a car on a 90 degree day with a cracked window sitting parked in the sun?  Obviously the owner has not or she would not do it to her dog.   Cheri went in to the store to see if they could help.   The store said she had to call the cops.  She goes out calls the cops and the owner comes out with a full cart of groceries.  How long does that take in a super store?  Probably close to an hour.  Dog in hot car!  Why? Cheri told the lady it was too hot for her dog and the nice lady proceeded to call her every name in the book.  Poor dog to have such an owner.  The cops came too late the lady was gone.  So the question is… What is too hot?  

Too Hot Chart

Did you know that it’s possible for you dog to suffer from heat stroke in just 15 minutes in a hot car? Heat stroke can lead to strokes, brain damage and even death.   A 70 degree day can quickly lead to this.  It can be 104 degrees in just 30 minutes.  A quick errand can quickly turn into 30 minutes.   Think about how quickly time gets away from us.  I think most of us know on 90 degree days to leave the babies home.  But did you know even 70 could kill your dog or lead to a stroke. 

Think twice before taking them… what if your 5 minute errand turns into 30 minutes.   It could be too late for you dog.  And if someone sees your dog and says something… be nice and remember, they were just trying to help your dog. 

Too Hot is Too Hot!

It seems like on the news there are reports every day of someone breaking glass to save a dog.  

States vary on laws to save dogs in cars.  Where we live in Colorado if you prove you tried to find the owner and called the cops but really think the dog is in danger of dying– you can break the window to save them.  Not all states have this law.  People have gotten in trouble for saving them.  Don’t put someone in this situation… Just leave them home!


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