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Whisper Dog Bed-6 Fun Colors


ndulge your pup in ultimate comfort with the Whisper Dog Bed from Hello Doggie’s luxurious Whisper Collection. Crafted with high-quality soft fabric, this bed features a serene white tone with a subtle hint of fluorescence. Let your furry friend snooze in style and coziness, wrapped in the embrace of an ultra-soft matching dog blanket. Elevate their rest with the whisper of comfort and elegance.

Welcome to the world of luxurious comfort with the Whisper Collection by Hello Doggie. This exquisite collection presents a range of high-quality dog beds that redefine coziness and style. Among these exceptional pieces, the Whisper Dog Bed stands out as a masterpiece of comfort and design.

Enveloped in a white fabric with a hint of fluorescent tone peeking through, the Whisper Dog Bed is a true testament to the art of understated elegance. The minimalist color palette exudes a sense of tranquility and serenity, creating the perfect ambiance for your pet’s relaxation.

Crafted from soft-to-the-touch fabric, these beds are more than just a place to rest; they’re a haven of comfort where your pup can snooze away their worries. The plushness of the bed ensures that your furry friend is embraced by softness from every angle, making naptime an indulgent experience.

What makes the Whisper Dog Bed truly exceptional is the attention to detail. Each element, from the fabric choice to the color palette, has been meticulously selected to create a harmonious and soothing aesthetic. The bed also comes with an ultra-soft matching dog blanket, ensuring that your pet is cuddly wrapped in warmth and style.

The Whisper Collection is a celebration of comfort, quality, and aesthetics. It’s a reflection of the love and care you have for your pet, manifesting in a piece that elevates their well-being and surrounds them with beauty.

Discover the world of tranquility and luxury with the Whisper Dog Bed. It’s more than just a bed; it’s an experience of comfort and style that transforms your pet’s rest time into a delightful escape. Let your furry friend revel in the indulgence of the Whisper Collection, creating memories of warmth and comfort that will last a lifetime.

Colors Available of Whisper Dog Bed:

aqua, peach, fuschia, baby pink, baby blue, merlot

Sizes of Whisper Dog Bed:

Small Bed – 10″ x 7″    |     For dogs up to 4 lbs

Large Bed – 14″ x 10″  |     For dogs up to 10 lbs

*Bed is handmade and sizes may vary slightly.


Hello Doggie first launched in 2007 with a purpose to create unique luxury pet products your baby will love!
They specialize in limited edition luxury pet products that your little best friend will love! Hello Doggie Pet Products are carefully designed and hand made in  Davie, Florida.
Hello Doggie  ensures the originality of all their products by creating unique designs like no other so your Prince or Princess can feel comfortable and luxurious! Their top of the line merchandise is hand crafted and sewn by only the best to assure quality and lasting comfort for your pet.
Hello Doggie carries a variety of products to make your pet’s personality shine! From  luxury dog bedding, dog carriers, trendy outfits, hair bows, and even satin binding on the blankets for a soft and cozy luxury nap!
Every product is specially made with a little extra tender love and care for everlasting quality and comfort.

About the Owner of Hello Doggie-

It all started with Eleonora’s love for animals and a vision to design and create luxurious products for pets, because they deserve to have their own personal style and comfort too!
*Bed is handmade in the USA and sizes may vary slightly.

*Color in pictures may vary


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