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Sleepypod Air Pet Carrier for Cats – In-Cabin Airline & Car Travel Safety for Pets


Elevate your pet’s travel experience with the Sleepypod Air Pet Carrier for Cats. This innovative carrier is designed for in-cabin airline travel and secure car transportation, ensuring your pet’s comfort and safety. Compressed for convenience, it’s approved for pets up to 18 pounds. Explore the Sleepypod Air today!

9 colors Available:    Jet Black, Dark Chocolate, Dream,  Glacier Silver, Strawberry Red, Robin Head Blue, Charcoal Grey, First Blush, Olive Green

Discover the Sleepypod Air Pet Carrier for Cats: The Ultimate in Comfort and Safety for Your Furry Companion”JR

The Sleepypod Air Pet Carrier for cats is a versatile and innovative pet carrier designed for in-cabin air travel and safe car travel with pets weighing 18 pounds and under. Here are some key features and benefits of this product:

  1. First-Class Legroom: The carrier is designed to provide comfort and safety for your pet during travel. It complies with in-cabin airline size restrictions while adhering to high car safety standards.
  2. Adjustable Size: The carrier can be compressed to fit a variety of space restrictions, making it suitable for different airline regulations.
  3. Multi-Functional Design: It has Velcro closures that secure the lid opening, allowing it to be used as a pet bed or a cozy napping cave when not in use as a carrier.
  4. Car Safety: Seatbelt straps are included, enabling you to securely fasten the Sleepypod Air in a car seat, ensuring your pet’s safety during car travel.
  5. Ease of Access: The carrier features a double zipper, allowing for top or side entry, making it easier to place your pet inside or take them out.
  6. Durable Construction: The carrier is made with rip-stop mesh that resists chewing and clawing, ensuring the carrier’s longevity.
  7. Ventilation and Visibility: Mesh panels are incorporated into the design to provide ample airflow for your pet and facilitate visibility from three sides.
  8. Convenient Storage: When not in use, the Sleepypod Air can be folded flat for easy storage, saving space in your home.
  9. Travel-Friendly: A trolley pocket is included, which allows you to secure the carrier onto a telescopic luggage handle for convenient transport.
  10. Storage Pockets: The carrier has large zipper pockets on the front and back, providing space for pet travel essentials such as treats, toys, or documents.
  11. Comfortable Bedding: The carrier comes with removable Ultra Plush bedding that is machine washable, ensuring your pet’s comfort during travel.
  12. Size: The Sleepypod Air Pet Carrier is available in one size, suitable for pets weighing 18 pounds and under.

This carrier appears to be designed with both pet comfort and safety in mind, making it a suitable option for pet owners who want to travel with their smaller pets by air or car. It offers versatility and convenience with its multi-functional design and storage options

Weight 1 lbs

Jet Black, Dark Chocolate, Dream, Glacier Silver, Strawberry Red, Robin Head Blue, Charcoal Grey, First Blush, Olive Green


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