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Permanent All Leather Leash in Hot Pink – A Stylish and Durable Companion for Your Buddy Belt Harness

Discover the Permanent All Leather Leash in Hot PInk, a perfect complement to your Buddy Belt Harness. Available in two sizes, 1/2″ for harness sizes 1-4 and 3/4″ for sizes 5-10, this leash is crafted from beautiful pebble-grain leather, offering both softness and durability for your daily walks.

matches up with the Permanent Buddy Belt Harnesses

Colors Available:  Red, Black, Blue, Pink, Hot Pink, Caramel, and Whitecap


Key Features of the Permanent All Leather Leash in Hot Pink

Tailored Sizes for Perfect Pairing:

Choose the ideal size for your Buddy Belt Harness with two options: 1/2″ for sizes 1-4 and 3/4″ for sizes 5-10. Experience a seamless and stylish connection between your harness and leash.

Luxurious Pebble-Grain Leather:

Our All-Leather leashes feature genuine pebble-grain leather, providing a soft and luxurious feel. Walks become a delight with the combination of comfort and durability.

Crystal Embellishments Available:

Elevate your walks to a new level of luxury by adding genuine crystals to your leash. Choose from a selection of stunning colors – Red, Blue, Caramel, Pink, Black, Hot Pink, and Whitecap.

Complete the Look:

Pair the Permanent All Leather Leash in Hot Pink with an ID collar to complete your pet’s ensemble. Achieve a cohesive and stylish look for every outing.

Whether strolling through the neighborhood or venturing into the park, this leash is designed to enhance both style and functionality. Elevate your walks with the Permanent All Leather Leash, where sophistication meets durability for a luxurious walking experience

About the Designer of Buddy Belt:

To guarantee quality, a devoted and passionate dog-loving crew carefully handcrafts each Buddy Belt in Toronto, Canada.

The Buddy Belt concept started in the summer of 1997, when Buddy, a miniature Dachshund came into her life. Buddy was just over a year old at the time and was soon to become the star of and inspiration for BUDDY BELT.

Each time Buddy went walking, he would gag and cough. This made me realize that he needed something other than a neck collar. The harnesses available were difficult to use and did not always protect the neck.

She then made the first Buddy Belt prototype using a piece of tire rubber. She then took the prototypes to two different leather-workers to create a more refined form. After working with a leather designer for a day, she learned how to create patterns and templates specifically for leather.

Next, she invested in tools, equipment and materials needed to create her own harnesses. The result of this endeavor was the creation of a harness that was easy to use and that reduced the stress on the neck.

Essential to the design is a single buckle, like a traditional collar, except that this design is fastened between the shoulder blades instead of around the neck. The animal’s front legs extended through the two holes underneath.

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Weight 2 lbs

1/2" Fits Harness Size 1-4, 3/4" Fits Harness Size 5-10


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