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Birthday Surprise Cake Toy -Celebrate Guilt-free


Make your pup’s birthday unforgettable with the Birthday Surprise Cake Toy by Oscar Newman. Unzip this plush cake to reveal 4 squeaky toys inside, including a teddy bear, bone, present, and crinkly party hat. It even has a photo window for your pup’s picture. Perfect for small dogs and gentle chewers. Celebrate with the best gift at the party!

The Birthday Surprise Cake Toy by Oscar Newman is the ultimate birthday delight for your lucky pup. This toy is a birthday party in itself, encompassing 5 toys in 1! The plush cake unzips to reveal 4 tiny squeaky toys: a bone, an adorable teddy bear with a party hat, a squeaky present, and a “crinkly” party hat with a paw detail.

Not just a toy, it’s a celebration of your pup’s special day. The cake showcases an embroidered “Birthday Pup” above a clear plastic window frame for your baby’s photo, along with a plush birthday candle and bone on the zipper. The “crinkly” zip-up lid adds an extra layer of fun.

Whether you’re gifting or receiving, the Birthday Surprise Cake Toy will steal the show at any pup’s birthday bash. Please note, these toys are designed for gentle chewers and small dogs only. As with all toys, supervision during playtime is recommended to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

Weight 1 lbs

Coconut, Palm Tree


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