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I Cant Believe I Own A Dog Store

I Can’t Believe I Own A Dog Store!

I Can’t Believe I Own A Dog Store!!!

Our journey here is as a family. Here is a  brief look at each of us and who we are, who we  were and becoming :

Cindi (me)… I lived in Denver for almost 20 years.  I worked at a couple of different tv stations as a sales person and manager.  However,  always dreamed of working for myself (especially owning a 

dog store). I was in my mid 30’s living in Denver with no kids (only furry ones).  Shopping and designer everything was so much fun.  Cherry Creek Mall for lunch and a shopping trip was a good Saturday.   Things changed when we decided to have a baby (Cyrus).   I moved back close to my family (about an hour out of Denver) with a child on the way, husband Andy, and 2 dogs and 2 cats.

 Travel and seeing different places is something important to us. Schools .We Take taking the 3 little dogs with us.   It is fun just changes it up a bit.

Cyrus- Written By Cyrus Himself In 2024 I grew up with my moms dogs and cats I always loved animals too and when I heard in 2018 that my mom and Cheri were buying It I was super excited but now that ‘Cheri’ does not want It Im taking her place as part owner and Ceo of pawswithfashion (coming soon) my Instagram Is @srtcyrus If your want to see our life more. 


IMG 0221Me and my car

Ginger (Mom Gigi) written by Cindi again with approval)-the best mom and Gigi ever!  She was a stay at home mom who raised two girls to be strong ,independent, entrepreneurs.  Our dad worked hard and still spent a lot of time with us when he could.  He wanted mom to be with us and to teach us values and to be nice caring girls.  She also has helped with Cyrus since he was born and has seen him almost every day of his life.  We all love to travel around the US together (now with the dogs).   We like to just have fun, see beautiful places, try new food, shop, and enjoy life.   She is such an important center of all our lives.  She has a cat that they saved after being attacked by something.  They fed her by bottle until she could eat on her own.  About 1 year ago she adopted a little 3 lb yorkie named Lexi.  We are getting mom used to dressing the little angel up.  The dog loves it and looks so cute. mom is getting used to it.  Mom, and Cyrus and I all love to spend time together as a family.   We enjoy all we are able to do together!

Thanks for being our customers and we want you to know us and we want to get to know you too! 

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