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Happy Grandparents Day 2018

Happy Grandparents Day 2018

Grandparents Day is September 9 2018.  It is often a day that we forget.  Last year I had the day completely wrong and went to get Mom and Dad something and Mom later told me .. .you missed it by like 2 months.  Why do we forget this day?  We remember Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Birthday’s… so why do we forget this day?  We shouldn’t ever forget this day.  Grandparents are one of  THE MOST important things in our lives.  They help shape us, teach us, love us, spoil us and then send us home.  

I was lucky to remember my Grandparents on both sides of my family.  My dad’s family lived on the farm by us only about a mile away.  From Grandma Millie,  I learned to love to cook.  She was the best cook ever just not the healthiest (I now recreate her recipes a bit healthier).  She was just this great little German lady who loved to be in the kitchen and loved to cook for all of us.  I still have her bowls she cooked with and her recipes and try to do her proud.  Grandpa was a farmer his whole life and worked up to the day he died.  He loved to work the dirt and to watch us grow up.  I can still see him shaking his finger at me from the tractor driving too fast down the hill home. 

My mom’s side of the family also lived close to us (about 15 minutes away in town) so we were always with them too.  Grandpa died when I was 4 from smoking.  I don’t remember much about him but he loved his rocks and woodworking.  He used to make the most beautiful rock jewelry which I still have some of.  He also could work wood like an artist.  I have a couple of bowls he made that are amazing.  Then there is Granny (as Cyrus knows her).  She was just pure spitfire and energy.  I don’t think she EVER sat down.  I think from her I learned the art of working hard.  She always was busy and needed something to do.  She loved working and staying busy.  I was lucky to have her until about 5 years ago. 

Now Mom..GIGI.  Cyrus’s grandma.  We can all learn plenty from her.  She is loving, kind, strong, and supportive. She has always taught us the importance of faith, family and love.   WHATEVER we ever need now or have ever needed she’s there.  Cheri and I were blessed growing up with a mom that stayed home.  I have tried to do the same with Cyrus and work partly at home.  At least I know she is with Cyrus when I am not.  She has almost seen Cyrus every day of his life and is so important to him.  Cheri, Cyrus, Mom and I all travel together a lot. We try to get away together to stay connected and escape the daily pressures of life. She is the most amazing person I know. 

How can we ever forget this day????

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