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A New Kitten!!!

No More Cats---Well maybe one more!

Rowdy Cat

It has been a  long time since I have had a kitten. I grew up with kittens and cats my whole life.  Living on a farm we had a lot of them.  As an adult I adopted Cosmo as  a baby.  That  was 25 years ago.  The biggest thing I remember of him as a kitten was he loved the underliner of the mattress.  He hid in them all the time (finally at 18 lbs they would tear).  Then Max  came along but he was a year old.  He was found on the streets so he had some issues but learned to love all of us.  Maggie entered our house 7 years ago but she is special needs and is paralyzed on her back 2  legs.  As crazy as she was and yes she learned to climb the curtains. (Andy loved that part).  I can see now how her playfulness was different. 

After losing Max earlier this year, I said no more cats.  Enter Rowdy 2 months ago.   My birthday present from Cyrus.  Yes he lives up to his name.  I think I could sit and watch him play all day long.  Kittens are so much fun to watch.   They can find the littlest things in the room  and make it the best toy ever.  My dad used to have a lot of kittens at his farm and he used to come home and talk about them.  I sit and watch little Rowdy-cat and can totally see how he fell in love with each and every one of them. 

I try to buy the healthiest and best food (according to who I don’t know). The whole food debate is something that I am still trying to get better educated on.  This cat.. Rowdy-cat…eats anything and everything. … I mean anything. My dad used to feed his barn cats scraps.   His favorite lunch restaurant was at the airport.  They used to save all the food scraps for him on Wednesdays so he could feed his cats…. and they ate it.  I never had a cat that would eat just anything.  Usually mine would turn their heads on different foods. These cats ate whatever you gave them.  Here is my new cat… Rowdy… yes he eats everything in sight!   You can’t even sit and have dinner and he will take it almost out of your mouth.  I swear this is one of my dads cats… maybe it makes me love him even more…. reminds me of the farm,  my kitties and my dad.  Love you little Rowdy Cat   Welcome Home.. you are the best birthday gift ever 

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